Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Deck Cleaning

Posted By on January 7, 2015

The elements take a hard toll on patios, decks and building sidings over time. Wood’s brilliant color fades to dull gray, appearing lifeless and useless. Trying to paint over dirt or mold will not work; the paint will crack and peel off. Instead of pulling a deck down and incurring the expense of rebuilding, refinishing is a better financial choice.

Handy homeowners can rent pressure washing machines and purchase chemicals to clean and hopefully restore the wood’s former glory. Not all machines are easy to handle, though. Some machines provide far too much pressure, which results in damaging the wood instead of blowing dirt off. The chemicals can be harsh on the wood or toxic to people, pets and plants.

The best option for deck cleaning and sealing is to hire a professional company. One example of this is fayetteville.renewcrewclean.com. Their technicians are trained to recognize common wood stains and problems, the various species of woods used in the area and the right agents to use. Each technician will use eco-friendly cleaners to lift dirt and remove stains from decks, patios or home siding. The technician will use only the amount of pressure required by each surface to remove the cleaners and dirt. Wood surfaces can be stained if desired, before the final sealer is applied. The sealer protects against moisture and UV damage. If the surfaces are to be painted, the primer and paint will last longer and look much better.

Having decks, siding and patios professionally cleaned enhances the home’s curb appeal. It also looks like the homeowner had new decking or siding installed. For homeowners wanting to sell the property, the process can increase the asking price.

Friends and relatives will ask if the decking was replaced. Outdoor entertaining on a beautiful, radiant deck is more fun than trying to hide dull, gray wood from guests.

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