Why is a stock pot used and for what? What is it made up of and how it can be maintained?

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What is a stock Pot?The Stock Pot is useful for all cooking purposes. It is usually made up of copper and has severe heat conducting capabilities. It is an easy maintenance product like stainless steel and is durable in nature. It can be easily cleaned and washed. Traditionally stock pots were used for the preparation of stock or broth but these days it is being used for all dishes which required being a cooked in a large quantity. Some of these dishes include porridge, boiled food and steamed shellfish.Quick gravies can easily be diluted using these stock pots.

How does it look like? It has a stainless steel cooking surface which prevents the food from being stuck at the bottom. It is designed effectively with a strong handle which has a solid grip for use. It has a thick copper core which ensures even heat distribution. It is made up of a flat bottom with a lid which has a handle at the top. The All Clad Stock Pot is highly versatile and can be used for the preparation of several recipes. They are usually expensive due to the enamel coating. Some stock pots are also accompanies by baskets through which the excess water is seeped out and not mixed with the food. They are also known as soup pots in several western countries. The lids help to maintain a seal over the food to retain the freshness in the food. Stock pots are usually designed to heat rapidly. A stock pot is usually tall in shape with a narrow surface. They come in different volumes and sizes depending on what needs to be cooked. Cooking a chicken and some vegetables may require a bigger stock pot than preparing some soup. Stockpots also come in different materials some of which include copper, aluminum, stainless steel and coated carbon steel. The copper stockpot is the best as it provides the best heating capabilities but is very expensive. The aluminum model also heats quickly and has several cheap models available in the market as well.

Latest advancements: With the advancement in technology and in the creation of new metals, the stock pot has also improved with a gourmet and a small hole in the glass lid. Previously the lid did not have a hole. The All Clad stock pot has a curved interior base which prevents the food from being stuck in the corners.

Considerations while buying a Pot: The three important points to consider when buying a stock pot are cost, size and weight. They are mainly used for cooking over stoves. It is not feasible to cook acidic foods in these kinds of pots. Aluminum stock pots are not preferred to be used over induction cook pots. Stainless steel pots are more expensive than the aluminum stock pots but are considered to be a lifelong investment option. Thick heavy bottom pots prevent the food from getting burnt. For steaming and boiling thinner gauge pots need to be used. For professional use, larger pots are used which help in the preparation of mass quantities of food on a daily basis. Sometimes it is also available in stock of 4 pieces of different sizes in a box.

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