Ways to Improve the Way You Sleep

Posted By on March 25, 2014

A good night’s sleep is an allusive dream for some, which leads to health issues, poor posture and fatigue, amongst so many other negative responses. At times some may even feel tired despite a night of full rest, due to sleeping on the wrong mattress. For example, if you are sleeping on a traditional mattress you may experience restless sleep and awake feeling tired. Compare the reviews from sleeping on a Personal Comfort Bed versus the Sleep Number Bed to understand how your sleeping platform can prepare you for a more restful night, as you learn about other natural ways to improve your quality of rest.

  • Create an atmosphere that is conducive to a peaceful night of rest. Turn off the television and music, perhaps adding a sound machine if there’s an abundance of noise outside your window at night. Often a fan or sound machine can create white noise to lull you to sleep. Make sure the shades are drawn tightly, using black-out curtains for homes near streetlamps. You should also cover any electronic devices that can give off light, as well.
  • You may want to consider meditating before bed or writing the stresses of your day in a journal, so your mind can be at rest before your try to sleep. Light an aromatic candle, scented with lavender for a calming effect. Take a shower or long bath at night to warm your muscles, which is another ideal way to relax.
  • Change your diet to avoid coffee, sweets or smoking before bed to avoid increasing your heart rate. You also don’t want to eat anything too heavy close to your designated bedtime, which leads to heartburn and an unsettled stomach.  You shouldn’t drink too much water up to an hour before bed either, as it’s the common source of bathroom trips during sleeping hours.

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