Types of Staircase Newel Posts

Posted By on December 4, 2012

A staircase newel post is an upright structure which provides support for the handrail of a banister. For straight flights of stairs, it is the main post that is found at the foot of the stairs; however, it can be utilised as the intermediate post of the landings as well as on top of the staircase. Despite the fact that it is primarily there for structural reasons, newel posts are typically designed in various architectural styles and decorated with eye-catching trims.

A newel post essentially serves as the strength and foundation of the balustrade or rails of the staircase. The post can be used to blend in with the design or provide a visual border. They are available in a vast array of materials and styles and they are grouped according to the style of the handrail. A large selection of newel posts is available at StaircaseParts.co.uk.

Below are some of the newel posts that you can consider incorporating into the design on your staircase:

Post-to-Post Newel

A post-to-post newel has a top block and the handrail terminates in that block. These newels are often topped with spheres, acorns, and a number of other decorative finials.

Turned Newel

These posts come in any variety of wood you can think of and they can be made into twisted, turned, square, fluted, carved or octagonal designs.

Box Newel

These newels also use a post-to-post system and have a commanding profile and size. Based on the d├ęcor, they can include inlays, moulding and plant-ons or be carved, panelled or plain and simple.

Continuous Newel

Generally, these are iron or turned and are either tapered, pin-topped or dowel-topped in order to accommodate the handrail.

Another design concept in relation to newel posts is utilising size variations for different areas of the balustrade. Typically, the posts at the base of the stairs or the newel post have the identical profile but they are bigger and referred to as Grand Newels.

With a little bit of research and imagination, you will be able to design a finished staircase that suits your space perfectly, and you always have the option of calling in a professional.

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