Types Of Landscape Lights

Posted By on November 9, 2015

The exterior of your home is often one of the darkest areas. You can solve this problem with various types of landscape light fixtures. There are various reasons as to why you would benefit from light fixtures outdoors as well.

A common type of lighting fixture for the outside of the home is a small light that is placed along a pathway. It could be a sidewalk, a path made of gravel or an area where the grass has been worn from walking. Solar lights that are placed along the path will charge through the day and light up at night. You can also get electric lights that come on automatically when it gets dark or that you turn on with a switch inside. These are convenient if you arrive home late in the evening or if you plan on being gone through the day because of sporting events and other activities with children.

Another type of lighting for the outdoors is a spotted accent light. This is a light that is placed in the yard so that it shines on the sides of the home or on a corner of the home. It’s a light that is often added for security as it can highlight an area that is darker than others or an area that is not lit by a security light from the city. They ae also ideal for decorating the outside of the home during holidays as the light can shine on decorations that are placed on windows.

Deck lights are an option if you spend a lot of time outside on the front porch or on a patio. These are placed on the side of the porch or patio and shine light up to the area so that it’s easier to see. This type of lighting is ideal for the summer if you enjoy sitting outside in the warmer weather but don’t want to be in the dark. Flood lights are another option for security purposes. They can be connected so that they come on if there is any movement outside and are often placed in the corners of the home.

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