Types of Kitchen Design

Posted By on December 25, 2012

It can be said that kitchen is playing an important role in your home. It is not only uses as a place to prepare meals but it can also become a place to relax with your family and friends. Kitchen design can reflect its owner personality when it comes to the interiors. Here, we will try to give you some examples of kitchen design which can inspire you to design your own.

1. Farm Kitchen.

Farm Kitchen

This type of kitchen is perfectly suit for those people who love country theme. Farm kitchen usually decorated with rustic style with beadboard panel and also rich in colors especially blue, yellow and red. For the ornament, it uses animals’ pattern such as cow or chicken to make it really look like a farm.

2. Classic Theme Kitchen.

Classic Theme Kitchen

From the name we can guess that the theme of this kitchen is classic which usually brought by Italian and French kitchen model. Mainly, it uses materials from mahogany and cherry wood. This type of kitchen usually has apron sinks, copper pots and adorns with tomato motives in a part of its wall.

3. Contemporary Kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen

This kitchen is known as Scandinavian style which emphasizing on its simple designs. With only flat cabinet and mostly stainless steel appliances, it can give simple yet artistic look to the kitchen. Silver and white will dominate this type of kitchen.

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