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Posted By on August 6, 2014

Your garage is commonly not thought of as one of the places where you try to express your interior design skills. Even though this part of your home is usually for storage or messy projects, there is no reason that it cannot have an attractive appearance. A good paint job can be the difference between a well-designed and a dingy and unappealing garage. Here are some of the top tips to consider when you are painting your garage.

Move Everything to Effectively Paint

This might seem like common sense, but good paint job intentions can be hamstrung if there is not ample room to do a good job. It is important that all vehicles, including the fixer upper that does not currently run, are removed so that the entire garage can be correctly painted. This will not only keep your items safe, but it will make sure you do not miss any spots that are hiding behind a mountain of junk.

Properly Clean Before Painting

If you attempt to put fresh paint on dirty, dusty walls, you will end up with a subpar product that will not look good for any long period of time. Dirt and dust on the walls will stop the new paint from effectively coating the wall. This means that the paint will bubble, peel, and crack very easily. Unfortunately, the garage will likely need painted much sooner than if it had been properly cleaned and prepped for the project.

Use the Correct Type of Paint

Depending on the type of garage you have, it might be subject to much wider temperature ranges than in your home. Disconnected garages without climate control can end up getting very hot in the summer and incredibly cold in the winter. This means that the paint will end up enduring much more punishment than in other conditions. Some garages may benefit from being painted with exterior or long lasting paint designed for use in extreme conditions.

Don’t Forget the Garage Door

Make sure that you do not forget to spruce up the exterior of your garage if you are redoing the inside. A freshly painted garage will help to increase the curb appeal of your entire property. Both the interior and exterior of your garage should receive the same amount of upkeep. A freshly painted garage with a broken in garage door will not do much for your exterior design options.

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