Tips for Making Flower Garden

Posted By on January 14, 2013

Garden Flower

Seeing garden in your house full with flower maybe just in your imagination. You hesitate to start because maintaining and designing flower garden is hard, indeed. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry, by following these tips, your imagination can be true.

  • Before you start to dig your ground, you need to know what flower species are suitable with the weather in your town. Next, choose the perfect time to plant. Planting time also depends on the flower’s type; hence, you should find detail information about it.
  • Flowers grow well in well-drained soil. You can add compost because rich soil is better. Flowers also need sunlight to bloom. Most of them need six or more hours every day in full sun. Therefore, do not place them in shady and watery place.
  • When you start to plan the flowers, you need to place flowers with similar needs in watering and sun in one bed. You can combine the species of flowers in same place but it is better for you to plant the taller plan in back because it can cause shade.
  • Last, choose perennials, annuals, or combine both of them for your flower garden. Perennials are flowers that grow long lasting and not depend on certain period. Annuals flower only grow on certain season and need to be replaced every spring. This type of flowers are more various either in species or colors.

Garden Flower

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