The Impact of Water Damage to Wood

Posted By on June 5, 2017

Although wood seems pretty solid, water can destroy furniture, walls, floors and other items due to the porous nature. Once it has become water-logged, the real damage begins. Remove the items, or the water as soon as possible to reduce your personal losses.
Timing Is Everything

There may not be much you can do when flood waters inundate your home, but getting the water pumped out, when allowed to do so, can help save the wood and wood products in your home. Remove the wood furniture from the area of standing water and place them where they can dry quickly. Time is a critical element to minimizing water damage to your wood. The longer they are kept wet, the greater the damage will be.
Penetrating the Protective Coating

Using wood wax is one way to help protect wood from getting damaged by liquid spills and drips, but it will not protect for long when it comes to larger amounts of water, The water will penetrate through the wax, stain and leave a mark that is impossible to hide.
Unsightly Water Stains

Wood table and chair legs, table and shelf surfaces, wood floors and other wood parts of your home will be left with unsightly water marks if the liquid is allowed to stay for a long period of time. Some surfaces will show penetrating stains quickly. You may have to sand and reapply stains to make the item look good again.
Wood Swelling and Warping

Wood paneling and floors are at high risk for warping and swelling when damaged by water. Saving these surfaces requires the quick removal of water, reduction of humidity and complete drying. Even under the best circumstances, there will probably be some areas that have to be replaced.
Black Mold

No one wants to battle black mold, but it can start to grow rapidly after a water intrusion event. Once water penetrates wood, this becomes the perfect surface to allow mold spores to multiply and get out of control. The more contaminated the water, the worse the problem will be.

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