Styling Your Backyard with a Teak Patio Bench

Posted By on February 19, 2014

When many people decorate their outdoor environment, they tend to focus on the larger picture. They may consider the type of material that is used for the patio or perhaps a larger feature, such as an outdoor fireplace or a swimming pool (Source: Although it certainly is necessary for those larger items to be considered, the personality of the outdoor environment is often found in the smaller details. In this article, we are going to discuss using a teak patio bench to style your outdoor environment to your liking.

Before we consider some of the different styles that may be available, it is important to discuss the benefits of using teak. Teak wood is the perfect option for outdoor furniture because of its longevity. It lasts for years out in the elements and unlike many other types of wood, it is not necessary to seal teak regularly. As it ages, it will weather to a beautiful gray. In addition to the longevity and the beauty of teak, there is also the environmental factor. Teak is a renewable resource, which makes your choice of the teak patio bench one that is environmentally friendly.

The style of the bench that you choose for your patio is, in many cases, going to be determined by personal preference and the type of style that is being used elsewhere on the patio. For example, a patio that has more of an English Tea Garden design could accommodate a bench that uses a combination of Teak wood and wrought iron, giving it more of a Victorian flair. In more of a country setting, a standard bench may be considered.

If you have any other teak patio furniture, be sure that you match the style closely (Source: Although it is a good idea to have a standout piece, you would not want it to attract so much attention that it would detract from the rest of the outdoor environment.

Finally, consider comfort in any piece of furniture that you are purchasing for your patio. In some cases, a teak patio bench is going to contain cushions, which can help to add to the comfort. Even if it does not contain cushions, however, make sure that it stands up against the ultimate test of comfort when you are sitting in it.

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