Step it up This Summer with Vibrant Colors

Posted By on June 27, 2017

Summer is the best time to try a new color on your home or a new decorating idea. Summer just screams for newness and vibrant colors. According to an article on HGTV, hues are hot for summer especially the bright ones. Summer d├ęcor can range from creative ways to display your souvenirs or flea market finds to taking every day objects and turning them into wall art. According to an article put out by HGTV you should spend some time this summer tidying up your bedroom closet as well. Take a second glance at everything and determine if you really need them. Are your hangers too big or do you have way too many boxes of shoes in there? What is in your closet that is taking up a lot of space and should it really be in there? A statement made by Clean My Space suggested that the first thing you should do when attempting to clean out your closet is to get rid of everything that does not fit anymore. After you pull everything out you should probably put on a fresh bit of vibrant paint before refilling it only with the items you actually use. The rest of the stuff can be donated or sold online for extra cash.

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