Staying Safe

Posted By on March 3, 2015

In a hospital or jail where there are people who need to be kept away from the other people in the building, seclusion beds would be an option. These are beds that can be placed in separate areas in order to keep other residents safe as well as the person using the bed.

These beds are often used in the place of other kinds of restraints. You will sometimes see them in areas where there is a potential for someone to inflict bodily harm. The beds offer a way to provide safety for almost anyone so that they can still have some kind of freedom in the room. They are usually placed in a room without any other furnishings and without any kind of frame in order to keep the person safe. The mattress is soft. Box springs are sometimes attached to the bottom of the mattress. If there is a complete bed, then it’s similar to a platform bed so that there aren’t any large pieces of metal that the person can use to inflict harm or to cause damage. Specific dimensions can be ordered depending on the sizes of the rooms in the building. There is padding that can be placed with the mattress to give support while against a wall.

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