Self-Storage Keeps Your Belongings Safe and Organized

Posted By on January 14, 2013

If your home is overflowing with your personal belongings, you may benefit from renting a public storage unit. This is especially true if you own many valuable possessions that you aren’t currently using, such as heirloom jewelry, valuable collections of memorabilia or even a classic car. Toronto storage facilities offer many benefits to the average homeowner, from improved home organization to greater security.

Storage Improves Organization
If you’ve lived in one home for any amount of time, you’ve probably accumulated an impressive assortment of belongings. However, with so many belongings to keep and work around, your home may become cluttered and disorganized. Putting some of your unused belongings into storage can give you workable space, allowing you to carefully organize your remaining belongings. You can also organize your stored belongings, allowing you to quickly find and use your items regardless of where they’re stored.

Stored Belongings Improve Home Safety
Although most homeowners don’t accumulate a life-threatening number of belongings, a cramped and cluttered home is more dangerous than a well-organized home. Clutter on the floor can increase the risk of a fall, which is especially pertinent if you are elderly or live with people who are. Additionally, clutter can hide dangerous objects and may promote unsanitary conditions. Storing excess belongings can help make your home safer for all of its inhabitants.

Stored Items are More Secure
Storing valuable items at home places them at risk. First, burglars are more likely to target homes than storage facilities. Homes contain many valuable items, including televisions, computers, personal electronics, jewelry and more. Storage units are just as likely to include items with limited monetary value, such as old school projects, holiday decorations and personal mementos. Second, storage facilities tend to be more secure. Many homeowners don’t even own a safe; every storage unit comes equipped with a secure lock, and most storage facilities are protected by sophisticated security systems and professional security guards. Third, it’s more difficult for a thief to single out your storage unit. Your home’s size and location may advertise that it is likely to contain valuable items, but storage units are homogenous. It’s nearly impossible to guess at the contents and potential worth of a storage unit.

Separating Your Valuables Reduces Your Risk
By storing some of your valuable items in a storage unit, you reduce the risk that you’ll lose everything in a single catastrophe. For example, if your home burns down, you won’t lose any photographs and journals that you had placed in a storage unit. If a storm decimates your neighborhood, the classic car that you had stored will likely remain safe.

Improved Features Help Keep Possessions Safe and Secure
Many storage facilities include features that can help keep your valuable items in pristine condition. For example, many collectible items, such as trading cards and comic books, are vulnerable to variations in climate. Many storage facilities offer climate-controlled units to help prolong the life of your belongings. Other common amenities may include restricted-access buildings, continuous monitoring and biometric locks.

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