Renovating Awkward Kitchen and Bath Spaces

Posted By on May 9, 2017

Every home can have a problem area, but it is difficult when the kitchen and bath are designed with awkward in mind. Lack of space to move, store items, or have a usable surface to work on meals can pose a huge problem. Smart renovation can make these spaces more welcoming.


Lack of Floor Space

Feeling frustrated at not having enough floor space to move around freely in the bathroom or kitchen is normal if the area is really tight. The rest of the house might seem spacious and nearly perfect, but this one odd problem makes the areas seem awkward and unwelcome. A renovation expert can help determine the best way to add floor space to these areas. They can design a plan that will give you the needed room to move about freely.
Placement of Appliances In the Kitchen

There are times that the placement of the open spots for appliances seems strange. Having a stove right next to a door that swings open inward is awkward. The refrigerator placed directly next to the stove can be difficult in a busy household. Trying to cook as others rummage through the refrigerator is distracting and makes it harder to get things done. Getting a better design in placing appliances can create a whole new look and feel to the kitchen.
Storage Problems

Houses seem to come with too much storage, or not enough. Being able to strike a balance would make life easier. A lack of proper storage in the kitchen means that the counters will be loaded down with items that do not fit anywhere else. This makes the space look cluttered. Not having adequate storage in the bathroom for toiletries and towels means having to take space from other areas to keep these items.
Counter Balance

A lack of counter space in the kitchen means you struggle with having enough area to prepare foods. This can be solved by designing a stationary, or mobile island. Additional counters can be added in open areas, with storage areas tucked away underneath. Eliminating unnecessary counters can often open up an area for a small breakfast eating area. Renovation is all about being creative.

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