Preparing a Basement Man-Cave from Scratch

Posted By on January 9, 2018

For the standard family man, it’s nice to have personal space to unwind and relax after work or on the weekends. Having a demanding job can be very stressful, so why not take an existing basement and transform it into the ultimate getaway at home? The traditional man cave is a place where games can be played, collectibles are displayed proudly, and friends gather to catch up.

Fully Finishing or Remodeling

The primary work involved in assembling a man cave is fully finishing the basement. Some basements may need complete overhauls, whether that involves installing walls and flooring or a full remodel. Basement remodeling Chicago IL may involve tearing out old carpeting, replacing warped walls, and repairing potential leaks or water damage. Basements are notorious for taking on moisture, as many are mostly underground.

Choosing a Theme

After the basement has been finished, it’s important to pick a theme that resonates with the cave owner’s personal tastes and preferences. He might enjoy a particular comic series, television series, or perhaps particular games. Choosing posters, collectibles, blankets, decor, glasses, and related accessories within that theme will pull the room together and really make it shine.

Making the Man-Cave Accommodating

Since a man-cave is all about relaxation, fun, and comfort, it’s only natural to ensure that the man-cave is fully inviting and comfortable. There should be plenty of seating for social nights as well. A couch, several bean bag chairs, and some folding chairs tucked away should offer adequate seating. Depending on how much space is available, multiple couches could be used, as well as an entire dining or seated bar area. The end goal is for all guests to feel comfortable and safe within the room.

Setting Up Some Rules

Once the man-cave is fully assembled and ready to be enjoyed, it’s time for a rule board! This concept is perfect in households with children. The man-cave might be full of expensive and fragile collector’s items or memorabilia. It could be devastating if a child destroys items; even worse, those items could pose dangerous safety risks for the children. Rules could pertain to keeping kids out, or only allowing them during certain hours or days of the week.

The legendary man-cave is a great place for the man of the family to relax and recharge, so that he can excel at work and provide as much as he can for his family. It’s also a great place for the family to bond during the weekends!

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