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Posted By on October 4, 2014

Today, there are many growing trends in the area of outdoor lights designed for residences. For example, some homeowners are choosing to install exterior lighting to display a pond or other water feature in their backyard. They may want to show off the plants, flowers or fish that are part of their unique pond or fountain. Consider some other growing trends for exterior lighting found in a residential yard.

Illuminating a Hot Tub

Whether a hot tub is above or in-ground, some homeowners want to make the area around it as appealing as possible. That’s why many people opt for an exterior lighting design that highlights the area around their hot tub such as a gazebo as well as the hot tub itself. In this instance, exterior lighting is both practical and decorative. Guests and family members who are using the hot tub at night are able to see where they’re walking. Also, attractive lighting can make a bubbling hot tub look even more inviting.

Appealing Lighting for a Garden

Homeowners who have a garden that they’re particularly proud of are getting exterior lighting so they can enjoy the area after the sun goes down. Many people select a lighting design that borders a main path so they can wander through the garden at night. Other homeowners use exterior lighting to put the focus on specific areas of their garden. For instance, a person may have lighting installed around a gathering of hydrangeas, prize-winning roses or colorful pansies. Exterior lighting also serves to discourage raccoons, rabbits and other animals from entering the garden and damaging the flowers.

Deck Lighting for Outdoor Gatherings

Finally, exterior lighting around a deck is a very popular choice with homeowners who like to entertain. People who like to host an afternoon barbeque that lasts well into the night can simply turn on the exterior lighting when the sun starts to disappear. Lighting around the edges of a deck and along the walls of the home allows guests to safely walk around and visit with one another while providing a welcoming atmosphere. Exterior lighting can set the mood of an area, depending on the colors and types of lights used.

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