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Posted By on December 28, 2013

It’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday; your child is having a birthday party in the back yard; the sun is shining and the sky is clear. The kids are having a great time in a bounce house and running around as kids do and should be doing. Soon, however, the temperature drops a couple degrees. All of a sudden, mosquitoes are everywhere. It’s like somebody sent them an invitation. Now the whole atmosphere has changed; everybody’s getting bitten and the party mood is rapidly dying.

It’s nothing new, and nothing that can be stopped. Or can it? Actually, there are ways of taking better control over those situations. There are companies providing services that include making your yard and property less mosquito friendly and more people friendly. You can take your yard back; you can host outdoor functions without worrying about transmittable diseases borne by those tiny terrors.

With over 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide, they are one of the biggest smallest menaces alive. There are over 150 species here in the U.S. alone. However, the news isn’t all bad; only the females seek your blood. And a relatively small amount of the 150 species carry diseases. However, the news isn’t all good either; each year, more than 1,000 Americans develop a serious illness or die because of mosquito bites.

The biggest reason more Americans aren’t affected like people in other countries is because we are so dedicated to eliminating them. We continue to develop anti-mosquito sprays and personal repellants.

Actually, truth be known, it isn’t the actual mosquito bites that threaten our health, it’s the bacteria and other parasites that the mosquitoes pick up along the way.

Using barrier spraying and misting, reliable mosquito control companies like Mosquito Squad can give your property a good chance of limiting the amount of mosquitoes that occupy your living space and haunt your family and friends. In addition, they also can provide you with products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to help you continue the battle on your home front. One way you can reduce the mosquito population is to make sure there is no standing water on your property. Those li’l buggers cannot survive or begin new generations without standing water.

Businesses that spray and treat your property are quite successful because they work. They are worth the effort and expense, and so is your family’s health and welfare.

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