Manhattan renovations

Posted By on July 25, 2013

In this age of shrinking budgets, home buyers look for value for their money. In markets like New York City, that means getting very picky about their apartments. More and more shoppers are looking for a home that is perfect at the time of purchase, rather than something that can be made perfect. What this means for home sellers, of course, is that the key to a good price for an apartment in the city is renovation.

In Manhattan, renovations may take many forms. Some are the expression of an individual owner’s taste, but others are purely functional, and it is the useful ones that add the most value. The number one thing that adds value to an apartment is storage. Anything from an extra closet to a built-in curio cabinet looks good in an ad. Maximizing window area can also help a home to sell quickly and for a good price. Neutral colors and modern brand-name appliances are also a big help in getting buyers to commit. This includes both kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures. Just the brand name in an add often brings prospective buyers to view the apartment.

Selling an apartment in today’s market means going the extra mile. Working with a contractor experienced with Manhattan renovations and taking the tastes of likely buyers in mind means that the apartment will not only likely sell, but that it will sell quickly and for a good price.

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