Maintaining Your Home or Business Generator

Posted By on August 5, 2016

Knowing how to care for your generator can minimize surprise repair needs. This extends to performing routine checks and making sure essential supplies are kept on hand. Paying attention to little details like this can provide some much-appreciated peace of mind later.

‘Feed’ Your Generator

Cranking out the power can take its toll on engine oil. You’ll need to check the oil after about 25 hours for a new generator and refill roughly every 50-60 hours after the first change. Don’t forget to keep some extra filters on hand.

Don’t Overdo the Fuel

After each use, check to see how much fuel is life in the fuel tank, which is on top of the engine. Let it cool down before adding any fuel. When filling it, take your time to avoid spilling gas. Avoid filling your generator all the way to the fill line. Keep some extra gas around, too.

Avoid Running an Empty Generator

There’s no faster way to damage your generator then to run it without any fuel. While it may run fine on empty at first, the generator coils can easily become damaged or need special attention to function again properly. This happens because the electrical load from your home or business drains the magnetic field from the coils if there’s no fuel.

Start Fresh When Re-fueling

It’s not a good idea to mix old fuel and new fuel when you’re filling the tank. Before running the carburetor dry, use a hand pump to empty the tank. Stale fuel, or even mixed fuel, is a common cause of generator performance issues. After each use, empty the fuel tank and carburetor. If you don’t have a drain, run the generator until the gas is used up before adding fresh, stabilized gas.

Check Performance After Long Periods of Non-Use

If it’s been many months, or even years, since you’ve had a power outage, run your generator to make sure everything is in working order. The last thing you want is silence from your generator when the lights go out.

Generator repairs The Woodlands TX homeowners or business owners may need can be minimized by taking steps to care for it before and after each use. A company specializing in generator repair and maintenance has technicians that can check things out from time to time to ensure you’ll have instant access to backup power.

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