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Posted By on January 10, 2017

A home renovation project is not a small thing to consider. Whether the renovation is large and small, a successful home redo requires careful planning and thought in order to come out successfully. It also requires the work of an experienced building contractor to help the property owner think through plans in advance and get a feel for what’s involved in taking on the project.

Advantages of Remodeling

Many homeowners live in homes that have the advantage of being in a neighborhood they love, at a mortgage rate they can afford. Still, some homes fall short of achieving “dream home” status. Sometimes homeowners can shop around with realtors to find the home with all the amenities they desire, but the reality is they may have to pay a high price while also giving up a neighborhood they really enjoy.

One of the great advantages of doing a home remodel is that the owner can design in all the amenities they’ve always desired in a home, like putting in a picture window to take advantage of a great view, or putting in new tile and a spa in a master bathroom.

Re-Financing for A Win-Win Situation

With a home equity loan at a low interest rate, a home remodel can be paid for economically. The improvements in the home can really add to the value of the property for years to come, making it a win-win arrangement on many levels. All of this can be achieved without having to give up the advantages of being in a great neighborhood with friends and good schools nearby, which is a huge advantage.

Getting Ready for the Remodel

The key in pulling of a successful remodel is to think through the plans in advance, and to find an experienced, well-recommended general contractor to oversee the job. A solid contractor will be able to oversee the plans so they can be reviewed in advance, so any changes can be made during planning, before supplies have been ordered and any workers hired. This is a critical part of staying on budget, and a good general contractor can guide the project to ensure everything stays on track.

Where can a homeowner find a good contractor if they don’t have any local referrals? The good news is that now there are many online sources with leads for contractors in your local area. Be sure to take a close look at the contractor’s experience before arranging for a phone interview. The interview should be free, and will give the homeowner a chance to get a good feel for the contractor’s experience and style.

Yes, a home remodel is a big job, but with the right people involved, there’s no reason why it can’t be a successful way of transforming an ordinary home into a showplace.

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