Keeping Files Organized

Posted By on January 10, 2017

Whether you own a business or maintain a household, it is easy to become overwhelmed with paperwork. Receipts, tax forms and bills can be challenging to keep up with. It is important to keep your papers organized, especially if you have deadlines and due dates to meet. Here are some tips for keeping your files organized.

Use a Calendar
Many people become so invested in technology that they stop using simple calendars. Consider maintaining a calendar that lists out any important upcoming events or deadlines. The calendar should be placed in a location where you will see it often, and you should make sure to keep track of any obligation that you are responsible for. It is easy to forget dates when you become busy. Writing them down can help you remember.

Keep Bills Together
Make sure to keep your bills together in one location. If bills become scattered, then you may accidentally forget to pay one of them. This could lead to late fees and service interruptions. You may want to use a file folder or a folder with pockets. Once the invoice has been paid, then you can move it to a binder or folder that has older bills. It is critical to keep paid invoices in case there is a question or dispute in the future.

Prioritize Obligations
Make sure that you take care of pending matters with a sense of urgency, especially if you own a business. You may want to use metal clipboard clips to keep your most pressing obligations organized. It is important that you meet obligations in a timely manner. It may help to prioritize papers as you receive them. For example, you can put the most urgent matters on your clipboard and move other papers to a file that will be sorted through at a later date.

Maintaining files can also help you if you are ever faced with an audit. Having files dedicated to keeping receipts can help you verify that you have taken the proper tax deductions. Keeping receipts will also help you save time when you are filing your taxes.

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