Interesting Airports

Posted By on January 14, 2015

Years ago, hardly anyone ever traveled. If people traveled, it was done by car or train. Route 66 became a popular way to cover the country and other freeways and highways were built later. It was seldom that anyone flew. Nowadays, nearly everyone flies—whether it’s to a nearby major city, such as Las Vegas, or out of the country.

Several airports are well-known for their spectacular sights or peculiar attractions. For instance, the airport in Amsterdam is home to several birds. Trekking the airport, visitors are offered several places to eat and to get coffee. People immediately notice the numerous umbrellas that are scattered throughout the Amsterdam airport. This is to ensure that seating areas stay clean as the birds perch and fly around overhead.

The LAX Airport in Los Angeles has a structure that resembles a spaceship and has a restaurant inside for its visitors. It is one of the busiest airports in the world as it is frequented by large amounts of tourists and serves as one of the best airports in southern California. Without innovative engineering and the use of cranes, such as those that can be seen on, these interesting features and structures would not be possible.

People will continue to take vacations and travel for business; however, the amazing features each airport offers certainly creates attractions in their own right. Some people enjoy having layovers in particular airports because they are able to sight-see, eat at nice restaurants and enjoy airport shopping.

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