Important Fire Detection and Safety Steps to Save Your Family

Posted By on December 8, 2016

No one wants to imagine the nightmare of waking up to a home or apartment on fire, but it can happen at any time for a variety of reasons. Preparation and proper detection is your best chance at surviving the unthinkable. Below are a few of the more important points that can make the difference in a successful outcome.

Install and Maintain Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are sensitive and can be your first alert that something is wrong. Make sure there are working detectors near each bedroom area of the home or apartment. They should be located on all levels, whether it is one, two or even three stories. The earlier you know there is a problem the more time you have to escape. Check and replace the batteries often. Test the unit periodically to ensure it is working well.

Plan an Escape Route

You should create a diagram for each level of the home that shows a safe escape route. Make sure the intended exit is clearly visible and that each member of the household understands what the diagram is depicting. Keep a portable emergency escape ladder handy so that your family can safely climb out windows or off a roof. They are designed to be easily anchored to a windowsill or ledge and the steps roll down by force of gravity. They can save the lives of everyone in the home.

Shared Meeting Area

You need to take a head count to make sure everyone has exited the home or apartment safely. Select a meeting area a safe distance from the building where everyone can meet and are accounted for. Make it a hard and fast rule that no one leaves the safe meeting area until all are present. You do not want to send fire personnel into harms way looking for someone that simply wandered off into the crowd watching the fire.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice using the safety ladder and escaping the building a few times so that everyone is comfortable with the process. It is easy to get into a state of panic, but you will feel more confident if the real disaster strikes with plenty of practice drills.

Contact quality safety equipment specialists like the ones at today and stay prepared. Make the safety of your family top priority.

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