Ideas for Small Bathroom Design

Posted By on April 1, 2013

Small Bathroom Design

Having an enormous bathroom may make people proud but it is not necessary. However, for you who have small bathroom, you can also make that room become a place that you can show off to your friends. Just do some little things to make your small bathroom looks larger and stylish.

Small Bathroom Design

The first improvement that you can do is attaching new larger mirror on the wall instead of keeping your old single mirror. Reflection of the mirror can make your bathroom looks bigger. The next thing that you should do is repainting your bathroom. Decide one bright color as the theme of your bathroom. Your bathroom will look small if you apply multiple colors. If you want to add other color, you can just paint one wall with different color or you can do half-white and half-color.

Do not forget to change the lighting into a brighter one. It has same effect as color painting. Bright atmosphere can create welcome and spacious sense even for small bathroom. Then, for the furniture, you had better to choose the small one or at least install several things that you really need. Use the corner of the room well so there is still an open space in the center of the room.

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