Ideal Accessories for Dressing Up Your Fireplace

Posted By on July 9, 2016

The fireplace in your home represents a design focal point. The mantle draws the eye, and the fire beckons with the promise of warmth and comfort. Whether your home has an old fireplace or you’ve just renovated it into a stylish masterpiece of hardwood and decorative tile, you’ll want accessories to add the finishing touches.

Look to Tradition

For centuries, the fireplace served as the heart of the home. Food and medicine were prepared over the fire, and family members depended on the heat to drive back wintry damp weather. Fireplace tools hung next to the fire because they used every day. These essential items included fireplace bellows, a poker, tongs, small shovel, and broom. Even if you have a gas fireplace and won’t need to be tending any flaming logs, you’ll still want these tools to enhance the decor and set the right mood.

Matching Sets

You’ll want to look for tools that are made of the same materials and share the same design. For example, matching fireplace tools might all have brass accent handles and come with a rack that holds everything neatly. Often, when shopping, you’ll be able to find kits that include all of the necessary tools. Choose one that reflects your personal taste and fits the style of your home. For example, an ornate set in a traditional style would suit a historic home. A newer home would benefit from the selection of a modern set with a sleek design.

Bellows as Prominent Accent

The bellows will give you an opportunity to create a design showpiece. This is because of the surface area inherent in its construction. A bellows is made of two rigid boards that narrow at both ends. One end creates the handle, and the other end connects to a chamber where the air is focused through a hole. A bag between the boards holds the air that is pushed out to feed a fire with extra oxygen. On both antique or modern bellows, the boards can be painted, carved, or inlaid with other decorative materials.

With fireplace tools on display, you’ll create a cohesive presentation that marries function and beauty. Add some small logs, particularly birch or pine, along with a box of long wooden matches, and you’ll make a tasteful haven of warmth within your home.

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