How to Set a Good Lighting on Your House

Posted By on February 14, 2013

How to Set a Good Lighting on Your House

A beautiful house without good lighting may look so gloomy. Since lighting play an integral part of your house decoration, choosing good lighting is a must. Good lighting will improve the beauty of your home and it will also reduce eye strain. Below are some tips on how to set a good lighting to your home.

How to Set a Good Lighting on Your House

If you have two floors home, you should make sure that you have set enough lighting on the stairs. This can be looked so dramatic if you set brighten dark light. It means that you must place the brighter light in the highest point of the stairs. Good lighting also must be set in your kitchen. You can set natural lighting to emphasize the popular space like bar area. Don’t forget to set bright light in work station in your kitchen to avoid accident.

For the living room, you can choose lighting which only focuses on certain space. Too much lighting in the living room may look exaggerated so that you can set highlight in the corner of living room to make it more attracting. One thing that you should remember, lighting is not always come from lamp. You can also play the lighting by the wall colors or curtains which will help the room to shine naturally.

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