How to Protect a Steel Building

Posted By on December 8, 2016

If you’re going to construct a building that has materials by American steel frame services, several procedures must be implemented to prevent corrosion. The process of protecting all of the steel components is easy and inexpensive. Typically, you can keep the materials in great condition by performing inspections to pinpoint and eliminate contaminants.

The Inspection Phase

When inspecting a steel structure, always review all exterior and interior surfaces. If the steel is constructed in an environment that’s hot or dry, corrosion won’t be a big issue. However, any building that’s built in a cold climate must be inspected on a regular basis.

Since inspections aren’t always easy, you may want to hire a professional. An expert can quickly locate areas where rust can occur by using different chloride test kits. You should use this kits without a professional because the chemicals in the solutions can be dangerous if they’re not handled properly.

Apply a Protective Coating

You must remove all contaminants before applying a protecting coating. The most common contaminants that affect steel material are:


By using a power washer, you can eliminate any dirt or grease that builds up on the steel components. However, to remove mold, paint, and rust, you’ll have to scrub the material with a steel brush. If you need help during this process, a service technician can prep the interior and exterior components that are hard to access.

Once all of the contamination is removed, you must wait several hours so that the building can dry. When the steel has dried, a rust-inhibitive primer can be applied on the steel. After this product has set, you can paint an acrylic primer on the material without any risks. You’ll need a highly efficient paint tool to tackle this project, such as a paint sprayer or roller. If you use a paint brush, you’ll may spend more time painting as you apply multiple coats on the steel material.

A steel building is easy to manage if strategic maintenance steps are taken. Corrosion can be a big problem, but you can prevent it by using commercial-grade products.

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