How to position a fireplace in the interior

Posted By on October 15, 2014

A fire is a symbol of home, light and life. It soothes and improves the aura in the room, gives a feeling of warmth and coziness. It just has happened since the ancient times that human life has always been depends on fire. Modern heating and lighting systems and appliances have fully secured humans with warmth and light. But many owners of private homes and spacious apartments can not deny the pleasure to spend the evening listening to the sounds of a crackling fire in the fireplace and looking at dancing tongues of flame. Today, you can choose from a variety of models. It is possible to install real fireplaces with a furnace and false ones. Each model becomes a source of comfortable heat and if decorated with designer accessories and custom mantels – the main decorative element of a house, catching the eyes of neighbors and guests.

The best place for the hearth in the room

Impressive variety of designer solutions for using of fireplaces in the interior design allows a customer to select the most appropriate option of hearth decorating. Be sure that it will become the center of the interior, its elegant highlighting element. Therefore, special attention should be given to positioning and finishing of the hearth. Stone, brick, ceramics, wood – these materials are used most often for decoration. As a rule, designers and builders prefer to use mantels made of these stones: onyx, granite, coquina, marble, travertine, sandstone, limestone and artificial stone as decorative elements for finishing. Niche for electric and false models are constructed from a plasterboard. It must be remembered that the portal of a structure should be turned into the center of the room. It is not recommended to put a fireplace between the doors and windows, as it significantly reduces the efficiency of its work, and may cause smoke formation. The best place is the inner main wall of the room.

Mantels for decorating

Mantels are those trim elements that allow to give the original look to interior of a living room. It is possible to design a room in such styles as classic, modern, rustic, English or high-tech. If you want the finish of a fireplace to match the overall style of the room, pay attention to design of a portal, a chimney and the area in front of a furnace. If the fireplace is located in a classic living room, then decorate it with a mantel made of marble or wood, or any other heat resistant finishing material. Mantels – wood or marble shelves are mandatory attributes of a fireplace, where candle holders, figurines, pictures and other memorable and dear to heart little things may be positioned. It is better to prefer a combination of metal, stone and marble for finishing of a fireplace in a modern style. The minimum amount of decor is encouraged, but a variety of shapes and colors is permitted. If you prefer high-tech style it is better to use use fireproof glass, plastic and steel.

Browse through various designer solutions and you will definitely find the option, suitable for your home.

Camille Dunn about the characteristics of Parsiena fireplace mantels and the variety of models to fit any interior.

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