How to Modify Small Closet in Your Home

Posted By on October 5, 2011

small closet design

If you love minimalist things in your life, you may like small furniture in your house because you think that it can save the space in your house. Closet for example, you like to put your clothes in small closet but sometimes it gives you a trouble since it can only contains small amount of your clothes. Then, in this post we will give you some tips on how to modifying small closet into useful one.

small closet design

The first thing you should do to modifying small closet is by emptying all clothes. You also must make sure that you will remove all clothes that are no longer used. After that, you can use little tricks to make its wider by paint the walls with light color. With light color it will make your small space wider and your smile closet will look wider as well. Do not forget to add light which can illuminate the small closet. It will give wider view if you choose proper lightening to your room space. Then to maximize the use of your closet, you need to install more shelves in the closet by positioned it according to what you need. Installing shelves are highly recommended since it can also save not only your clothes but it is also can save your precious thing like your office document.

By modifying small closet in your home, you can put more value in it. So, you don’t need a bigger closet to put your clothes because you can modify the small closet into the useful one.

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