How to Make Space in a Small Room

Posted By on November 11, 2012

Make Space in a Small Room

If simplicity is all what you need, of course you love to make every single of your room are useful. So that it is important to organize everything well to make a space in your room. You don’t need to rebuild your room because it will cost you more. All you need is put a little effort to re arrange some stuff to make a new space in your small room. These are some tips on how to make space in a small room.

Make Space in a Small Room

  • Select the right color. The color of the room will determine the optical illusion of your space. Select a light color to paint the walls so that it will make your room even bigger. Remember; don’t put too much decoration on the wall because it can block the wider look of your space.
  • Avoid layered curtain in your window. Always open up your window and select curtains which have light color like white or yellow.
  • Clean out the furniture which is unnecessary to your room. You don’t have to put big furniture in your room because it will “eat” the space. You can choose light furniture like small shelves which can also decorate your small room.

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