How To Grow A Perfect Lawn

Posted By on June 13, 2018

Most people strive for a perfect lush green and well-manicured but repeatedly fall short. Growing a soft perfect lawn doesn’t have to be a struggle if you know how to properly care for it.

It’s not the hours you spend mowing and watering the lawn that counts but how tend to it when it matters. A perfect lawn requires more than just weekly mowing. In fact, the constant mowing could be doing your lawn more harm than good.

To grow a perfect lawn, you need to know when you should let the grass grow and when to cut it.

Choosing the right grass

Your lawn is basically a carpet of grass and you should make the right choice with the type of grass you plant on it. Your choice of grass should be guided by the conditions of your home such as soil type, traffic, functionality and exposure to sunlight.

Different grass species thrive under different conditions and you need to find a suitable type if you want a lush lawn. There are some that needs lots of sunlight exposure while others can still thrive when planted in shaded areas. Some can do well in dry grounds while others need plenty of water. Some grass types can handles heavy traffic while others can’t.

You will have an easy time maintaining your lawn if you plant the type of grass that is most suitable to the existing conditions.

Soil drainage

You should ensure the ground upon which you grow your grass is well-drained otherwise the grass will turn yellow due to waterlogging or lack of enough water. Worse, it can leave uncovered patches on your lawn due to some grass dying.

You can improve the drainage of your ground by percolating and creating a gentle slope that helps drain excess water away. Do not however raise the ground to much to create a steep slope since it can lead to erosion when there is heavy downpour.

Alternatively, you can mix your soil with enough compost manure such that the soil is able to absorb water faster and better. This is actually beneficial to your lawn which could do with better drainage.

Maintaining your lawn

The secret to having an aesthetically appealing lawn is regularly attending to it. You don’t expect your lawn to remain beautiful yet the last time you looked at it was when you were planting grass.

You should identify the suitable height for your grass and maintain it. You’ll have to mow the lawn more frequently during the wet season when the growth is faster and slow down a bit during the dry season when regular mowing could result in patches of your lawn drying up.

Regularly take a look at your lawn for weeds and uproot them when they are still young. If the problem is widespread, then use Ortho Roundup herbicide.

The frequency of watering depends on the type of grass you planted but most grass species don’t need to be watered during the dry season. Moreover, if you don’t sweep away the cut grass after mowing, it acts as a natural mulch to retain moisture for the grass.

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