How to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Posted By on September 20, 2013

Bed bugs are a huge problem this day and age. It’s unfortunate but you and your family are never safe from a bed bug infestation. Generally, they are in areas with frequent visitors (hotels, hospitals, etc.) but they can travel to other places on clothing or suitcases. Before you know it, you could have a full-blown infestation in your own home.

What Are the Signs?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you have a bed bug infestation since it is painless for the victim when they feed. The bug likes warm-blooded species. It’s the reason that the number one place to find them is in your mattress. Some of the signs that you might have an infestation include blood stains or fecal matter around the seems of the mattress, inflamed bites on the body, a foul odor coming from your mattress, identification of the bug within your mattress or surrounding areas. Orangutan Pest Control can help you eliminate this problem quickly.

What is Orangutan Pest Control?

They are a bed bug exterminator in Phoenix AZ. If you believe that you have bed bugs at all, give them a call and they will inspect your home for free. After the inspection, they will let you know how bad your problem is and what steps you need to take to fix the problem. Eliminating bed bugs is an extensive process. Choosing Orangutan guarantees that you will be receiving the best bed bug eliminations services in Arizona.

All the technicians are highly trained professionals and they take every precaution necessary to ensure that the bugs will not return. With their service you are given a 90-day guarantee that the bugs will not return. The technicians also provide you with advice and information to keep the pests from coming back. Contact them today to determine whether or not you have a bed bug problem. You will feel confident in choosing their services.

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