How Swimming Pool Fences Protect Children

Posted By on August 30, 2013

Every summer, there seems to be at least one report of a child drowning in a pool. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. No one ever wants to think of such a tragedy, so most parents with a pool in their backyard will have swimming pool security fences installed.

Pool Fences Come in Two Types

You have two options for pool fences:

  • Durable textilene mesh – this fence comes in black or desert bronze with a pole placed every 36 inches to ensure strength.
  • Premium interlock mesh – This is the strongest mesh fence available right now. It’s resilient to ripping, mildew, fade, and shrinking. This fence is available in black, desert bronze, beige, white, blue and forest green.

The Durability of Poles

The poles are important when choosing a fence for your swimming pool. Quad-core pool fence poles are the strongest. They come in many different finishes such as aluminum finish, black, white, beige, and forest green.

Fence Sleeves

Fence sleeves are good for protecting the fence. They are customized for each type of fence, can endure high impact, and they will not corrode being in the elements.

Deck Caps

Deck caps go on top of the fence sleeves. When you need to take the fence down, such as in the winter when you have a security cover, you can use deck caps to preserve the sleeves. These are available in beige, white, or gray.

Child-Proof Safety Latch

The reason parents choose to install a security fence around their pool is so they can keep their children out of it when they are not watching. This is why it’s important that the fence has child-proof security latches. These latches should be made out of stainless steel, so they don’t rust or corrode over time.

With all of these high quality components in a security fence for your swimming pool, you can be rest assured that it is safe and ready for a summer full of fun with your children.

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