Homogeneous Tile and Granite Tile, Which is the Best?

Posted By on November 29, 2012

Homogeneous Tile and Granite Tile

Homogeneous Tile and Granite Tile

Are you planning to install tiles in your home, but you don’t know what kind of tile which is the best for your flooring? Don’t worry about it because we will gives you two alternatives tile which mostly chosen by people because of its god characteristics. The two alternatives are homogeneous tile and granite tile. Each of the tiles has its own characteristic so that it is your task to determine which one is the best for your flooring.

In terms of absorption rate, homogeneous tile is definitely won from granite tiles. Besides, it is more long lasting because the tile is actually tougher compared to granite tile. Even though the homogeneous tile is tougher than granite, but in terms of the density granite is far better because it is made of natural stone from volcanic rock shaped.

Homogeneous tile is best applied for any commercial project because it can withstand high traffic of human flow. Therefore, in office’s lobby you will find this kind of tile since it can stay durable over time.  In contrast, granite tile is best applied in the kitchen because it is believed that it can withstand pressure, moisture, and heat. So which one is the best for your flooring?

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