High Security Locks | Is It Compulsory To Have Them On Your Business Doors?

Posted By on March 19, 2015

You spend your days working hard building up a business. You have put so much time and investment into making it into what it is today, something to be proud of. But the doors meant to keep intruders out have only regular locks. Is it enough to protect your business from burglaries and thefts?


People can easily get blank keys for regular locks and make duplicates. Anyone can make copies of standard locks. Someone untrustworthy could have access to your locks, and you wouldn’t even know. The potential that this is possible with standard keys should raise red flags, especially if you have valuable merchandise. Even a simple break in would be costly to your business. There would be unnecessary damage and loss.


Give them a Hard Time


To prevent such an occurrence, a business owner should be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Burglaries and thefts, late at night, when no one is around, happen all the time. Your job is to make it virtually impossible for the thieves to break into your business. One giant step you could take is by switching the locks of your business with high security locks.

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High Security Locks


High security locks, first off, prevent anyone from making copies of the key. Only authorized individuals can do that. Even the key blanks aren’t readily available. These keys are vastly different from standard keys, with regards to their shapes, and the locks won’t allow entry to any other key types. High security keys are more complicated in structure, and thereby are safer and more reliable.


When changing your locks, you won’t even need to replace the existing hardware of your locks; the high security cylinders can easily fit in the existing locks. What’s more is that these high security locks are not susceptible to lock pickings. Burglars can try to pick the lock, but the locks are armored with hard steel pins that resist a burglar’s attempt. Although not compulsory, switching to high security locks will help prevent burglars and thieves from breaking in, as well as preventing a duplicated key from being in the wrong person’s hands.

More recomendations you can find out on http://www.state.gov/m/ds/rls/rpt/19773.htm


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