Hallway Runners: Three Steps to Protect Your Home’s High Traffic Areas

Posted By on October 5, 2013

The Long and Narrow Way

The entrance to your home receives a lot of traffic which produces a great deal of dust, dirt and debris. One inexpensive way to keep your entranceway presentable as well as safe is with a hallway runner constructed of washable fabric. Hallway runners are appropriate whether the flooring in your entranceway underneath the runner is wood, laminate, linoleum or even carpeting.

With hallway runners you can make your home entranceway colorful, homey or elegant. Because they are often inexpensive, hallway runners can easily be changed to give your entranceway a new look with minimal effort. By following a few pointers, you can ensure that the hallway runner that you select is both functional and attractive.


Don’t Guess, Measure

Although most hallway runners follow the same basic shape, it is still important to fit the size of the runner to the length and width of your entranceway. For instance, if your entranceway is long and skinny, the hallway runner should have a relatively small pattern or a few basic colors so that it does not overwhelm the space.  On the other hand, shorter, wider hallways are well matched with a hallway runner with a bold colors or patterns. In either case, choose a hallway runner that allows approximately four inches of flooring to show on each side of the rug.


Match Your Rug With Your Home’s Décor

If your home is full of country charm with wooden floors, a braided rug, a rug with a floral pattern or some other more traditional style of hallway runner makes a good choice. On the other hand, if your home is sleek and modern with linoleum or marble flooring, a rug with a contemporary graphic print makes a great match.  Light colored rugs can brighten dark hallways. However, if you choose a light colored rug, it should be washable. Otherwise, the runner will quickly look dingy and detract from the hallway rather than enhance it. If your hallway is an especially active area with heavy traffic from young children, save yourself a headache and choose colors or patterns that disguise dirt.


Materials Count

For indoor areas that are more formally furnished, a hand knotted Persian or wool shag rug lends an elegant touch. For runners designed to hold up to heavy traffic from the outdoors, durable weather resistant rugs are a good choice. Organic materials like jute are both durable and eco friendly. You can even opt for an attractive outdoor rug that will be certain to stand up to whatever dirt and grime your family and friends track in.


Purchasing Your Hallway Runner

While you naturally want to avoid overpaying for your hallway runner, a hallway runner that is poorly constructed of inferior materials will appear frayed and worn after only a few weeks.  If money is tight, consider buying carpet remnants or scouting out sales from upscale retailers.  Purchasing two rugs for the same space allows you to rotate between the two rugs. You can launder or dry clean one rug while the other remains on the floor, reducing the overall wear on each rug.

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