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Posted By on July 25, 2013

Turning your garage from a place to house your car and store the stuff that you no longer want in your house, into a functional workshop where you can use all of your power tools, is not hard if you have a plan.

Instead of just having a cement floor and four bare walls, you can make your workshop more appealing by paying attention to the details. An easy way to start is to purchase a few gallons of concrete paint, in a color of your choosing, and give the floor of your garage a new and fresh look.

Next, you should make sure your new work space is well lit. You do not have to spend more than a few hundred dollars for some basic lighting fixtures that you can either hang yourself or have installed by an electrician.

Your attention should then turn to building or buying several sturdy work tables and deciding where you want to set up your table saw and other power tools. You will need plenty of storage for all of your tools, hardware, paint and other miscellaneous items. garage cabinet sets can provide the perfect garage storage solution. Matched sets of cabinets that look great, are rugged, and capable of storing small and large items, will make any garage workshop look neat and organized.

You can hang some cabinets on the wall to store smaller items like cans of paint. Cabinets on wheels are great for storing tools and shop supplies. You can roll them right up beside your work so you have everything you need right at arm’s length.

Once your workshop is all set up with cabinets, shelves, work tables and all of the power tools your heart desires, you can then take on the home repair projects that your spouse has been reminding you to do.

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