Furnishing Your Home On A Dime

Posted By on October 25, 2012

A house doesn’t become a home until it is well furnished.  Unfortunately, budget concerns can cause some people to forgo even the necessities of home, much less those furnishings that would add character and represent the people living in the house.

There are some good options for furnishing a home on a dime.  Thrift stores, garage sales, the internet and dumpster diving have all been ways that people have furnished their homes and should be something looked at by anyone who has purchased a new home, especially if it is the first home.

Thrift stores are a great way to furnish a home because, they can provide necessities at a bargain price, but it pays to shop around.  As thrift stores become popular, their items become more expensive.  That makes it super important to know what the price is of items that are purchased new.  There is no reason to buy something at a thrift store that could be had for the same price, or just a little more expensive, new. Find a used furniture provider that will be able to give you a good deal and high quality furniture.

Garage sales are also a great way to buy items to furnish a home.  Sometimes, sellers ask too much for their items, or they won’t negotiate a price.  It pays to have a business card or contact information handy.  Write your price and a phone number on the card and ask the person to give you a call if the item doesn’t sell and he or she is will to have it go for a price that lakes sense to you after the sale is over.

The internet has several groups that are dedicated to eliminating waste in the world or to connecting people in the community.  These groups have individuals offer items for free or at a reduced price with the only stipulation being that the person who wants the item has to pick it up.  They are usually first come, first served.  People can also send out messages via Facebook and Twitter to see if their friends have anything that they would like to give away or get rid of for cheap.

Dumpster diving can also be a great way to pick up needed items, especially when one lives near a university.  When dumpster diving, it is important to be aware of the risks, especially of bed bugs as they become more prevalent in the United States.  It is amazing what many people throw away, and the quality and cleanliness may be better than what can be found at the local thrift shop.

Furnishing a home should not have to break the budget of anyone.  By using some smart strategies and being prudent, anyone can get the furniture they need to start a successful home in comfort and style.

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