Fun Ideas With Plants

Posted By on May 9, 2017

Whether you own a business or are looking for ways to beautify the lawn at your home, you can get a commercial landscaping services Atlanta company to do the planting, mulching and other details that will give life to the exterior of the building. You want to have a few ideas in mind before contacting the company, but there are some ideas that the company can offer based on the type of soil that you have and the overall layout of the land.

A country cottage garden is an ideal setting for homes that sit back off the road and those that are in an environment that features more in the way of wooded areas and pathways instead of city lights and skyscrapers. The garden can be designed with a trellis for the entrance and fragrant plants, such as roses and lavender. A stone pathway leads through the garden for a relaxing walk during the day. If you want to grow your own vegetables and herbs, then consider a kitchen garden. You want to make sure there is a fence of some type around the garden and stones that surround the soil to keep the dirt in place. A landscaping company can help with adding mulch and ensuring that erosion is kept to a minimum. Items like tomatoes, carrots and beans can easily grow in the garden, along with a few flowers for color.

Roses are an option for placing around the entrance of the home. They can attract bees, so you need to get a landscaping company to apply proper products that will be a deterrent. However, the beautiful colors blend well with most exterior designs, and you’ll always have a soothing fragrance when you walk onto the porch or enter the house. A fun idea for displaying potted plants is a pot hangar. This is made from an old pallet that is painted in any color that you want. Attach clamps to the pallet to hang small pots so that it looks more like wall art instead of items that you would find in a garden or in a flower bed.

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