Design Your Own Staircase for Your Home with an Interactive Staircase Planner

Posted By on October 17, 2012

Have you been thinking of dreaming your custom home but you don’t want it to look like the run of the mill house that everyone builds? Is your home two or more stories and you want to create an exquisite staircase for your new house that guests will be in awe over? Then you need to familiarize yourself with the interactive staircase planner by Stairbox. They have all the tools you need to create your own staircase for your home. Now you can finally build your dream home with your custom staircase that’ll be one-of-a-kind.

Create Your Own Staircase Online

It’s amazing what you can do with technology nowadays, especially when you’re building or renovating your home. Builders and homeowners are enjoying creating new, unique staircases at You and your builder can sit down and create your dream staircase within five minutes! All you need to have is your measurements, an idea and you’re all set to get designing. Then, Stairbox will be able to take that CAD drawing and build your very own staircase to install in your home.

Feel Good Building Your Staircase with Sustainable Raw Materials

Since many businesses and homeowners are trying to save the environment by reducing their carbon foot print and waste, you can feel good knowing you are contributing to a cleaner, healthier Earth by creating your wooden staircase out of sustainable raw materials. All the materials the company uses to create your personalized staircase comes from legal sustainable resources. All their products are certified sustainable so you can create a greener, cleaner home for you and your loved ones.

2D and 3D Images of Your Staircase

When you create your staircase online you’ll be able to view it both in 2D and 3D images. That way, you can view your staircase as it would appear if you had built it in your home in the first place. Once you finish your staircase images, the company will start to build it and will ship it to you in as little as 7 to 14 days!  You’ll be using interactive, easy-to-use design programs to create your specially made staircase right in your web browser.

So if you’re looking to create a custom staircase for your home or office, now’s the time to build it when you head over to It’s fast and easy to do, plus you can feel good knowing all the materials come from sustainable resources.

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