Curb Appeal on a Budget

Posted By on January 12, 2018

You may not have an unlimited amount of money to spend on the exterior of your house, but you can still add some instant curb appeal. New siding, windows, and the like are nice, but that doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. If you are looking for some more affordable ways to spruce up the front of your house, try these bank account friendly tips.

A Welcoming Sight

The first thing people notice as they approach your house is the front door. This is the area that welcomes you home at the end of a busy day as well as greets your friends and family when they stop by. Make the front door stand out by painting it in a bright color. For example, if the house is rather plain with white siding and black shutters, a deep red door is just the right pop of color. Add a welcome mat, and place a potted plant on each side of the entrance.

Less Clutter, More Beauty

Nothing distracts from a home’s beauty more than clutter. Don’t leave toys, garden tools, or garbage scattered across the front lawn. These items are naturally left out from time to time when you are working on a project or the kids are home playing, but clean up at the end of each day to keep the mess from getting out of control. Small tool sheds can store garden equipment out of sight, and bins designed for outdoor use are ideal for toys.

Outdoor Décor

You wouldn’t skip the accessories when decorating an interior space, so why would you when it comes to the great outdoors? Your local garden center can help you find the perfect flowers, plants, and shrubs to fill beds around your house. Use hanging baskets and potted plants to create a welcoming feel on front porches, and use lighting to add interest after dark. When searching for outdoor lighting Orlando has many options to pick from including designs from Lightstyle.

These tips will instantly give the exterior of your home that uplifted look without destroying your household budget. In addition to be easy on the wallet, these ideas take very little time, and most homeowners have the necessary skills to complete each project on their own.

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