Creating an Entertainment Spot in Your Home

Posted By on August 29, 2013

Many of us enjoy entertaining in our homes, and with the holidays just around the corner we’re gearing up for the many opportunities it brings. If you’re one of the many who enjoys entertaining, you probably want to make the main area you’ll be socializing in as comfortable as possible for your guests. The most popular room in the house to party in is actually the kitchen! People enjoy gathering there to watch or participate in food preparation. The kitchen has cozy, comforting aura about it. Here’s how to make yours as attractive to guests as possible!

Choose sensible flooring. Carpeting is just not practical in areas were food is being prepared and cooked unless you enjoy the prospect of having to shampoo it weekly. Choose a durable yet beautiful tile or stone floor for easy clean ups. You can add decorative area and throw rugs to soften its look. Wood floors are beautiful but may not stand up to guests wearing high heeled shoes.

Create a bar area. This is a great way to encourage conversation. You can use an island or built in breakfast bar to set up on. Add some comfortable stools and someone willing to play bartender and you have a great gathering spot. Be sure to make sure your guests drink responsibly of course! For info on where to buy bar stools check Google.

Provide comfortable seating. If you are lucky enough to have a home where the kitchen and living room meld into one “great room” you’re all set! Otherwise, make sure you have plenty of comfortable chairs set up in or near your kitchen, because guests will naturally gravitate toward there.

Have a good sound system. Make sure your sound system is in good shape so guests can groove. Dancing can be a pretty good ice-breaker and really adds ambiance to your party.

Hope these tips help you have the best parties ever this coming holiday season!

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