Commercial Surface Markers and Signs

Posted By on June 26, 2014

Most warehouses have floors that are made of concrete or asphalt. The surfaces are very hard and somewhat rough. Surely, the texture of the floors in warehouses is not too pleasant. However, such materials are used in the floor construction due to affordability. Sometimes, businesses need to put comfort and safety ahead of costs. There are affordable ways to resurface floors of warehouses with soft, durable and functional materials.

For example, walkways can be laid out on existing concrete and asphalt surfaces. Special adhesive material can be applied directly over the floors of warehouses. The material is ultra thin but it provides several benefits such as extra cushioning and insulation. For example, workers can feel much more comfortable walking on marked walkways that are not as cold or hard as the surrounding surfaces.

In warehouse settings, it is also important to mark the floors. Adhesive markers can be applied right onto any surface in order to provide maximum visibility. For example, forklifts and pellet jacket machines should follow specific signs when transporting heavy loads inside a warehouse. In a sense, special lanes can be created for any moving equipment. Floor marking tape also has reflective properties for clear visibility during dark conditions. When illuminated, the tape should be easily visible from a distance. Color code floor tape may have various indications for warehouse workers. For example, red tape might indicate a hazard zone where people should never walk. Similarly, green floor tape marks paths that should be followed by workers.

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