Choose Wet Cutting Core Bits For The Best Results

Posted By on July 24, 2014

Solid materials such as brick, concrete blocks and reinforced concrete make up many of the strongest buildings and structures. Asphalt for roads is multi-layered, which provides durable driving surfaces for motorists.

Since communities, building codes and ideas change, there are times that necessitate drilling holes in or through these hard surfaces. Applications for these holes can include plumbing, fire service, HVAC access, electrical lines, setting fence posts, installing traffic signs and others.

When drilled, some materials produce hazardous dust. To prevent this, wet cutting core bits are used. The drill has a special attachment that connects to a water hose; the core bit attaches to the end. The water is turned on and the drill is engaged. The water prevents any dust from rising and keeps the core bit cool at the same time, as drilling friction causes heat buildup.

Different types of bits are available for wet drilling; several are made specifically for different materials. Different bit lengths allow workers to work safer and drill appropriate sized holes with precision and ease. Some bits have diamond plating that will cut through even the toughest materials.

Wet bits are available at a wide range of stores, but few places carry a wide variety of bits in different sizes and lengths. US Diamond Tool is a company that carries wet core bits for practically every application. Knowledgeable salespersons can help customers select the best bits for the job and for the drills used on the job site. The bits are constructed with precision and with proper maintenance, will last through many uses.

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