Aspiring Artists: Tools of the Trade

Posted By on December 10, 2014

Any experienced artist knows that the materials one is using are very important. While talent and skill are obviously necessary for a career in the graphic arts, you won’t ever be able to produce your finest work without tools that are efficient.

When it comes to choosing the right things, the options are nearly limitless, but it helps if you know what to look for. A knowledgeable art professor will know great brands to start out with, but it’s important that artists explore and find what is best for them, as each artist is an individual with varying tastes.

Paper is undoubtedly one of the most important items to choose from, if not the most vital. You never want to begin a project on paper that is subpar, especially if you plan to use it in any professional capacity. When shopping for paper, be sure to check the thickness and tooth with your fingers. Good paper is thick, durable and you should be able to see natural texture.

When it comes to paint and brushes, it really depends on what you’re planning on using them for. The best brushes will always be made from real hair, not synthetic. Quality brush manufacturing practices will yield a brush that is soft and resistant to fraying over time.

Paints are a bit more malleable, as there are so many options depending on how you’re painting. In general, it’s best to choose brightly pigmented paints that don’t utilize a lot of additional chemicals. Simple is best.

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