Arborist Training

Posted By on May 28, 2014

When people think of trees they think of plants that are long-lived, tall, strong and impervious to just about everything but the woodman’s axe. But while it’s true that trees tend to be tougher than a lot of other living beings, trees still need to be cared for. Even if a tree can get by on minimal care, there may come a time when it needs to be cut down or trimmed. The tree can be dead or dying and pose a hazard. Its roots can invade septic systems and its crown can start to interfere with power lines. This is why professional arborists need ArborMaster training and why even lay people can benefit from learning how to care for their trees. Moreover, supplies and equipment can be bought to make this easier.

Professional arborists will need equipment that can bring them safely up and down the branches of tall, old trees. These includes ascenders and descenders, belay devices, special boots, accessories for bucket trucks, carabiners, cables and braces, gear and rope bags and different types of blades. These can be found at arborist supply vendors like Arbor Tech supply.

Laypersons should avoid climbing into trees to trim or take them down. Indeed, they should try not to take down trees whose top branches are higher than they can reach. But laypersons could use hand tools for pruning and trimming, hard hats and stump grinding accessories to remove tough stumps.

Such equipment and education can add wide margins of safety when it comes to tree care.

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