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Posted By on July 17, 2014

Smart businesses take advantage of modern security systems that detect the slightest physical threats to a building. Alarm and video surveillance systems are effective at deterring common security situations in commercial settings. However, business owners do not have the time or resources to monitor their alarm installations. After all, workers should be focused on getting their job assignments done instead of constantly worrying about alarms and security cameras. Fortunately, there are alarm monitoring services that give business owners some peace of mind when it comes to physical security.

A security system relay service is essentially a process in which a third-party company takes the appropriate response when threats are detected. For instance, a fire alarm that gets activated prompts an immediate reaction by the relay company. In a matter of seconds, the company is responsible for calling the local fire department in the client’s neighborhood. Relay services are automatic in nature as manual dialing and other forms of contact are not necessary. All of the important contact numbers are already stored in a database that’s managed by the alarm relay company. With the click of a single button, a fire truck can be dispatched to a business location.

When security alarms are activated in a commercial building, the relay company must respond by dispatching the local police department. Alarm systems automatically react to any unauthorized entry that is most likely the result of burglars. However, false alarms can occur from time to time. The relay company is trained to distinguish between real and fake alarms. Video surveillance is extremely helpful in preventing any unnecessary response. For example, a security camera can clearly reveal if an animal activates a security alarm sensor near a window or door. Relay company employees can make a safe conclusion that an animal accidentally caused an alarm system to activate. In a matter of seconds, the situation can be diffused remotely by turning off the alert signals.

Alarm monitoring services are done remotely via phone lines or fiber optic cables. Even when a building loses its power source, signals can still be transmitted to the relay company’s office. Additionally, Voice Over IP technology is also compatible with traditional security systems. In today’s high-tech age, business owners can also receive real-time alerts via text message and email. For instance, live feeds of a building’s video surveillance system may be streamed on smartphones.

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