A Full Guide How to Build Your First Home

Posted By on February 10, 2015

Are you excited about the construction of your new home? If it is your first home, here is a full guide for you about how to build the house.


It is the most critical element in building a home because foundation is something that will hold up the whole structure. First of all, the ground is excavated, forms are built with the framing lumber and then finally concrete is poured on.


Once the foundation is ready, the form boards are removed and the process of framing begins. Frames serve as the skeleton for the home itself. The whole layout of your house is unfold during this process.

House wraps

It is a sort of protection barrier meant for protecting the structure of the house and preventing the interior from molds, rots, and wetness. This wrap is meant to keep all the moisture outside the house.


After the framing and house wraps, the process of enclosing the house starts. This step also involves the installation of exterior shingles, sheathing, roofing systems, doors and windows. It will be up to you to choose the windows and doors but be careful that they are durable and energy efficient along with having the best aesthetics.

Mechanical installations

This is also one of the critical installations in the process of home construction. All the wiring and mechanical components are installed in this phase. HVAC system, water heaters, venting, ductwork and remaining exterior finishes are installed.


If you want an energy efficient home, then you might want to be more careful about the insulation of the house. Insulation is installed in the ceilings, floors and walls of the home just to prevent the heat or cold escape from the house.


Once the framing of the house is done and all the mechanics are installed, sheetrock is placed so that walls can be formed. After this, you are going to see how your new house will actually look like.

Interior designing

The most exciting stage of the construction of the house is when you get to see the design in your head being implemented. Here you choose the products which are going to be placed in each room. Lighting fixtures, cabinets, flooring, appliances, interior doors, countertops, plumbing products, millwork and more, these are the things that make up the interiors. In this phase of construction, it is all up to choose the kind of interiors you want to see in your house. The interiors will make or break the look of your house so if have always dreamt of a home, it better be in your head what you want your home interiors to look like. There are lots of options to explore in the markets, magazines and on the web.

The finishing stage

The final stage is the walk through inspection itself when you will come to check whether or not everything is there according to your expectations. If there are any defects or faults, modifications are made accordingly.

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