5 Critical Points to a Chimney Inspection

Posted By on December 8, 2017

There is something comforting about walking into a home that has a warm fire blazing in the fireplace on a cold winter night. It is one of the favorite areas of the home when the chilly nights arrive. Below are five important parts to have checked and cleaned on your chimney before using it this season.
Intact Firebox

The firebox is the area that contains the wood that is burning when in operation. This must be without obvious cracks and damage to work effectively and safely. The inspector will recommend a fix if there are problems. There is a sealant that is made to withstand the high temperatures that a firebox can reach. You may need more extensive repairs if the damage is severe.
Damper Condition

The damper should be tight fitting but move with ease. An inspector will make sure that the metal is in good condition and free from pitting, rust, and cracks. Changing the damper is not something you should ever attempt at a DIY level. Getting the repair wrong can mean flooding your home with smoke when the fireplace is in operation. It can also flood dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into the home.
Flue Inspection

The flue is the tube that runs up the center of the chimney and leads the smoke out and away from the home. It can be made of stone or metal pipe. All lengths should be free from damage and allow for a smooth flow of smoke. The inspector may have to check the flue from the bottom and rooftop levels.
Creosote Build Up

Creosote is a by-product of burning wood and can completely coat the flue, firebox, and damper. The main problem with creosote is that it can catch fire and lead to a devastating loss of homes and lives. All internal parts of the fireplace should be kept creosote-free.
Leaves and Debris

Another good reason to get your fireplace inspected before using each year is that birds can often build nests inside the flue. Leaves and other small debris can get blown inside and clog up the entire system. Make sure that the entire length of the flue is clean, clear, and ready for action.
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